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Topics of Interest

9/11, PTSD, Aftermath of War, Meaning of Monuments

One of the concepts I find fascinating is the concept of memory.  How do we remember events and how does it impact our decisions today. Social psychology,  differences in understanding of a war from one generation to another is amazingly complex. How does it all fit into the bigger picture? See 9/11 talks below.

Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, War of 1812, and more

Why are we so fascinated by the Civil War? There are reenactors all over the country trying to share the history and keep the memory alive. What does it mean? Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson implemented Martial Law during their presidencies.  What other actions or beliefs did they have in common? See talk topics on the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, & more below.

Political & Constitutional History

How has history shaped today's political structure and legal system? Where will we be without a critical understanding of our political and legal system and how does understanding one's history play a role in today's current affairs?  What role can the average person play to protect his/her rights? See talk topics on Political & Constitional History below.

Talk Topics