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 Depending  on who you ask, Porkomorph is either a psychedelic punk band out of  West Hartford, CT or the sound of an elderly bronchitic having a  first-rate sneeze. (You’ve asked me, and I say it’s the former.) The  brainchild of hometown buds Ben Astrachan (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and  Jackson Zinn-Rowthorn (vocals, guitar), Porkomorph melds Astrachan’s  prog-rock sensibilities with Zinn-Rowthorn’s four-chord folk-punk ethos  to concoct a curious compendium of playful tracks that tip-toe the  slack-line between outlandish and accessible. 

In summer 2016, the pair  joined forces with magical multi-instrumentalist Gianni Gardner to  record their first album, “Big Vitamin”, featuring the smash-hits  “Sujata” and “Let’s Take LSD”. A year later, Porkomorph added drummer  Sam Steinberg and guitarist Joey Seigel to its lineup, recording a rock  n’ roll EP and making a triumphant entrée into the realm of live  performance with a gig on Astrachan’s front lawn. Shortly afterward,  Astrachan and Zinn-Rowthorn enlisted enigmatic recluse Austin  Koenigstein to produce their second EP of the summer recorded on  Koenigstein's 8-track. Their future is bright, they hope.   

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King (March of the Proletariat) - by Porkomorph

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