What is The Cause?

What is The Cause?  Mindfulness.  

Inspiring my students and others to be curious in the hopes that one of those curiosities will turn into a life passion. 

How can you help? Support my work to develop students' minds and push people to think critically.  You might think that teachers and schools can do it all, but they can't.  If you've ever been to one of my programs or events, you know what I try to do outside the classroom.  If you haven't worked with me, take a look at some of my talks and other info on this site.  My many colleagues and I are doing some amazing things.  Some of it requires support from people like you.

If you support me, what will I support?

* Connecticut History Day - -- This is an affiliate of National History Day.  Kids from middle school and high school compete for top honors by doing a wide range of really amazing history projects.  CT History Day recently lost its funding and now the only people supporting it are you and me.  Will you stand up for the future of history in CT and the nation?

* I do a ton of workshops for teachers and students.  Sometimes it's literally a matter of paying for a bus.  Can you help with that?  Will you help to support the cost of books and other materials?  You might think, "someone else should pay for that.  Or the schools and universities should do it."  But if you really think about it you know this isn't always possible.

*Halloween - Do you like my displays?  Do you think they push people to think and learn?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, then support my efforts.  The displays become more elaborate each year and though I scrounge an awful lot, it does cost a good bit.  

So why support me rather than some other person or organization?

I hope you do support plenty of other people.  My hope is you'll do the same for me and my goals.  If you know me or have looked at this site, you know I get things done.  I try to make a difference.

How much is enough?  You decide that.  It could be $5 or $105.  A million wouldn't be bad either, but I'm not in fantasy land.  So there it is, you've been asked.  What are you going to do now?

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Below are some things I have accomplished through my pursuit of curiosity.

  • Invented the Snapmaster, a martial arts training device that helps the martial artist focus on his/her punching technique that is different from a punching bag.  The Snapmaster bounces right back and if one isn't fast enough with his/her snaps the Snapmaster will get you!  The product is patented and filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office. Click here to see the patent description.

  • Bred my Labrador and had 11 puppies.  It was quite an experience and one that I will cherish until my dying day.  We had intended to keep the female pick of the litter and ended up with the runt male.  He is worthy of book - born on the 4th of July and stories that can fill your heart with laughter and an appreciation for absurdities. I will look for pictures to share.  Keep your eyes out for them.

  • Become known for my Halloween displays.  It started as something simple  and grew to stand for a cause of getting people to become aware and to start talking about current affairs.  My displays have received international coverage. Check out my Videos and News Coverage page.

  • I love gardening and  building things and have become known for my hammock landscaping.  I designed and built gathering places for students to lounge and study in nature.  See CCSU's Facebook link. Or you can see it on my cool projects page under James Garden Time Lapse.  NOTE:  Yes, I also designed and built the miniature golf course.

  • Climbed to the top of the mountain on Nevis and ran into Matthew McConaughey.  Yes, I also hung out with Mishka. (When I find the picture of Mishka, Matthew M. and myself, I will be sure to post it! But in the meantime click the link above and enjoy the youtube video  of Matthew and Mishka.)

  • Built a reputation as a humanist and a teacher - look around my website and read about my 9/11 project, my appointment as the Co-Chair of Connecticut's Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the Civil War (appointed by Governor Rell and then recognized by Governor Malloy at the end of the commemoration for the work accomplished during the 5 year stint), my fight with legislature for information on PTSD through the Freedom of Information Act, and more.  By the way, all of the above is how I became known as The Mindful Professor.

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